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E-filing Form 2290 Is Now Available for the 2019-2020 Tax Year!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if my e-file Form 2290 is rejected as a duplicate filing?

A: Make sure you have all the correct VINs and that they were not incorrectly copied from a previous return. Then, correct any errors and retransmit your return.

A rejection for duplication essentially means that the IRS already has a record of the vehicles as being filed for for this tax period. In addition to verifying that the VIN is accurate, it is also helpful to verify that the correct Tax Period has been selected. When e-filing, it is possible to file for a previous tax year, but this will not be necessary if you have been up to date with your 2290 Filings .


Re-transmit a Rejected IRS Form 2290

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